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<title>Hacked By Ala Wannassi</title>
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<p><center><font color="white" face="Segoe Print" size="20pt"><b>  There are serious Security Problems With Your Site To Fix Them contact Me . <p>
<p><center><font color="red" face="Trebuchet MS" size="10pt"><b><p>Hacked By Ala Wannassi : Tunisian Hacker <p>
<p><center><font color="white" face="Trebuchet MS" size="10pt"><b><p> <p>
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<IMG height=300 width=380
<p><center><font color="red" face="Trebuchet MS" size="10pt"><b><p>greatz:all muslems hackers <p>
<p align="center"><font color="#ff0000"><b>facebook </b></font><font color="#00ff00">:</font>
    <font color="#ff0000"><a title="" href=""><font color="#ffffff">N3t Own3r</font></a><font color="#ffffff"></font></font></p></div>
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