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Leadership Strategies for Business Minded Physicians

As physicians we are business owners, caregivers and leaders. We are often thrust into situations that require us to learn more about negotiation, mediation, business influence and authenticity. I have found that keeping a leadership framework at the forefront of our minds can be helpful as we tackle many of the challenges of our career. I find the following Five Dimensions of an Authentic Leader to be a great framework.    - Dr. Carolyn Anderson MD FRCSC

1) Pursuing Purpose with Passion

Passion in life energizes your talent, it energizes your work, it energizes your relationships and in general it energizes your entire life. I think truly loving what you do is so often the key to achievement and excellence. I think for some of us in those busy days in the office when you get bogged down with certain patients, keeping in mind why you took the path you did to begin with is important. What jazzed you about it? Why did you really want to do it? This can help us to get by the inevitable challenges of a career in medicine. Also as a leader, I think helping other people to discover their passions can energize them as well. I often have meetings in the office and will talk about the fact that every person in the office has a critical role in helping to care for our patients.  I think it is critical that everyone be aware of the important role they play in the day to day functioning. Let them know that you could not do what you do if it wasn't for them. This will go a long way.

2) Practicing Solid Values

Being grounded in YOUR values when you are leading an organization, your practice or your life is absolutely critical. Character shows that who you are and who you appear to be are one in the same and is the first  key to greatness. I think that character is so critical because it is what people think and never share with others. It is basically what you do when no one is watching. Having solid values and practicing integrity are really the keys to authentic leadership

3) Leading with the Heart

Leading with the heart means having passion for your work, compassion for the people you serve, empathy for the people you work with and the courage to make difficult decisions. It is not always easy. Leading with the heart means really caring about the people you are treating, taking the time when one of your patients needs to talk even though you don't have it, and really understanding that the people that work with you have other issues that come up in their lives.

4) Establishing Enduring Relationships

Developing strong relationships with others will really help your business and help your life. It is really the essence of positive relationships that influence people to rise up and reach their potential.

5) Demonstrating  Self-Discipline

There is no question that the hardest person you will ever have to lead is yourself. Once you understand your authentic self you will find leading others much easier. To really practice self-discipline you have to believe in yourself, really confront your fears and persevere.











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