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Education, Impowerment, and motivation for seniors


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Impowermed - Medical Administrators

Motivation - Develop good work habits in order to stay motivated and productive.

Why do you do the job you do???

Ask yourself this question and write down three reasons. Do you love what you do? There will always be part of our job that we don’t like but the bottom line honestly is we work to support ourselves, in conjunction for the well being of the patients.

Remember that money is not a goal but it is a reward for achieving a level of excellence.
Continue to learn, have a dream or a need to make what you do have an impact on the practice and for the patients.

Develop attitudes and good work habits with the resources you are given.
Physicians give your staff opportunities to learn and bring new ideas and knowledge to the practice.

Stagnant employees = stagnant practice.

Thanks for a great day, compliment on a job well done, a Starbucks coffee goes along way.

We all struggle everyday with the need to explore our lifestyle, dreams and independence, these are all elements of keeping a motivated mind.

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