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Impowermed - Medical Administrators

Office Manual - Ensure you develop a concise office manual for all staff members.

A concise and well put together office manual should not be underestimated. It is protection for both the employer as well as the employees.

Compile a book with office policies and procedures that will set an expected standard of employee performance.

It is an easy resource for quick reference and bringing new employees up to speed on office protocol.

Having a section in the manual to file office memorandums after every staff member has signed them is also a great idea to keep track of office communication. Avoiding the phrase “I didn’t know that, no one told me”

Keep instructions on how to do everything in your office from the most simply thing like turning on a computer.

Keep in mind that someday someone will have to jump in and do a task in your office that they have never done before or it has been a long since they performed that task. Walking them through step by step will lead to better efficiency and performance.

Go ahead and start all you need is a 3 ring binder and put your knowledge onto paper.

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